10th Anniversary!

July 27, our company celebrates its first anniversary. We are 10 years old!

Поздравляю всех нас! Это был непростой, но крайне важный период в становлении нашей компании и нашего коллектива. Уверен, что следующий 10-летний период будет не менее интересным и амбициозным.

It was a difficult but extremely important period in the formation of our company and our team. I am sure that the next 10-year period will be no less interesting and ambitious. Today, our company has two strong partners / founders who help us achieve victories, grow and be confident in the future: ∙ LANIT Group of Companies is an advanced IT company that today provides us with comprehensive support and provides resources, software and its experience in implementing complex PLM and other IT projects; ИТ ITELMA Group of Companies is a leader in the field of electronics production for our industry, ITELMA Group subsidiaries participate in the design and manufacture of the On-Board Cable Network, the production of complex mechanical high-precision products, the production of video surveillance systems and interiors for aviation programs of the United Aircraft Corporation.

Colleagues, there is still a lot of new work, projects! I want to wish all of us confidence in the future, interesting, ambitious projects, on which we will have the opportunity to work together and realize ourselves. Welcome to our second decade!

- Ramazanov Roman, General Director