VR (virtual reality) - 3D model of the world with which the user interacts using a virtual reality helmet and input devices
VR and AR
AR (augmented reality) - the surrounding world is supplemented by images and information with which the user interacts using augmented reality glasses or a smartphone / tablet camera
Our team will realize a project of any complexity
Future Technologies Available Today

Games, attractions, innovative marketing campaigns, simulators and simulations in Virtual and Augmented Reality, as well as 360 video!

Technical content
Simulators, simulators, testing technical procedures - developing Service Bulletins (SB), training on production equipment and advanced training for your employees (CBT), documentation - Catalog of parts and assembly units.

We are ready to offer our customers the entire development cycle of VR and AR solutions, as well as in 360 format!
You have an idea, with us a turnkey project!

We will help at any stage of your project - from the idea and elaboration of the scenario to the help of choosing the appropriate platform, implementing the finished project in the planned platform of the customer (website, portal, mobile application, PC application) or we will join at the stage of 2D or 3D modeling!

We are able to find an adequate software solution and the optimal configuration of the equipment. And we can advise on all issues of VR and AR technologies for you case.

Laser scanning is a technology that allows with high accuracy to measure the distance from the scanner to the surfaces of surrounding objects. It is used to create 3D models.

Using the Faro Focus 3D scanner, you can accurately obtain all the necessary geometry of the environment or an individual part, even with a realistic color image. The resulting material is a digitalized scanning area in the form of a 3D model, which allows you to use this model for both sizing and designing, and for creating realistic scenes for virtual and augmented reality.
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